VPS Healthcare Group


Between hospitals, medical centres, and pharmaceutical exports, VPS Healthcare has developed extensive international coverage - a presence that is growing steadily as the group pursues opportunities for further diversification and strategic synergies. From being exclusively based in the United Arab Emirates, VPS has entered the neighbouring Gulf states and India. The group is poised to further strengthen its operations at home and abroad. Planning and negotiations are well-advanced on several bold initiatives where the VPS model can bring healthcare benefits and strategic value to new markets.
Medeor 24x7 Hospitals  Burjeel Hospital
LLH Hospitals Marina Health Promotion Centre
Tajmeel Dental Centre Medeor Medical Centre
Burjeel Medical Centre Prince Medical Centre
Lifeline Hospitals (oman) Lifeline Medical Centre (oman)
Occumed Clinic Industrial And School Clinics
Lifepharma Burjeel Pharmacies( Retail)                                                                                          
 VPS Rockland Hospital VPS Lakeshore Hospital