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Corporate Fit Challenge

LLH Hospital Musaffah as part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility initiative launched a campaign to promote preventive healthcare among office goers in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Through this campaign we shall be reaching out to over 3000 desk job employees in the coming month. It is observed that people with desk jobs are prone to less active life, which results in a sedentary lifestyle.

Through the Corporate Fit Challenge employees are invited to undergo Body Composition Analysis (a full body screening that takes less than a minute at their respective companies) under the supervision of a clinical dietitian who then interprets the results and advise the employee on diet correction and lifestyle modification. Each employee is provided with an health index that informs them about their current state of health that includes Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, Total Body Water,Protein, Fat Free Mass, Mineral, Percentage Body Fat, Waist Hip Ratio, Basal Metabolic Rate, Muscle and Fat Control. An activity planner is also a part of the health index, which advises participants on how they can burn the excess calories. The employee with the highest fitness score and lowest percentage body fat is awarded a limited edition Fitness Tracker specially imported from South Korea for this campaign (One winner per company). The unique Fitness Tracker from Inbody looks like a digital watch but does the function of a Body Composition Analyser.

The campaign in its first phase has reached out to 15 Corporate companies and has screened over 1500 employees with desk jobs. This campaign is being well accepted by the senior management of the participating companies and equally appreciated by the employees.


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