Corporate Services

This Department is staffed by a team of trained personnel who help in administering the needs and queries of patients holding insurance cards. They liaise with the concerned insurance companies for approvals and can give information regarding the coverage patients are entitled to.

  • Information regarding Health insurance coverage following card scrutiny
  • Obtaining approvals from insurances for out-patient and in-patient diagnostic & treatment procedures
  • Providing information to the customers regarding insurance policies and working in compliance with protocols laid by the insurance companies
  • Hospital Information System accessible to all staff to aid in administration to insurance patients
  • Ensuring all necessary services to patients holding insurance cards by prompt coordination with the insurance companies.

Our commitment to the community

Care for our community. These simple words describe the past, present and future of LLH Hospital Group. Our roots run deep in the community, and our reinvestment in talent and services benefits the entire community. Life is more than just doing for ourselves; it is about what we do for others. This is the philosophy we follow. LLH Hospital Group is a leader in personalizing health, providing innovative opportunities to the local communities to be well and stay healthy.